The heart of the Natural Wealth® Process is Vision. A clearly articulated Vision and clearly stated life goals are essential to an effective financial life plan. Without a vision and inspiring goals, we are working, saving and investing without purpose. Without a vision, we are susceptible to all sorts of outside influences. Individuals and families either have an agenda of their own or they risk becoming part of someone else’s agenda… The choice is up to each of us: Our agenda, our clearly thought out vision and goals or... someone else's?

Don’t know where to start in in developing your own “Vision” exercise? Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What do I want to BE?
  2. What do I want to DO?
  3. What do I want to HAVE?

Aside from the questions themselves, the most important factor in the exercise is the order in which you ask them… Think BE, DO, HAVE! ...In that order!

One learns from visiting with people in the autumn of their lives, that possessions (the "HAVE's") have less and less meaning in a thoughtful person's life. Possessions, things, "stuff"... They all take life energy to own and maintain. History and experience show people who reflect on who they are and what they can be (BE), on activities (DO) and relationships (BE/DO) and, not necessarily on the "stuff" (the "HAVE's") of life, generally live happier, healthier, and more rewarding lives.

We are committed to helping our clients articulate their vision and goals; how they would like to see their lives and the lives of their family unfold. From each client’s vision and goals, we craft a financial life plan and construct a wealth management plan to help them realize and achieve what is most important to them in life.



The Natural Wealth® Process focuses on three types of wealth: person, portfolio, and possession.

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tax and estate

Tax and Estate

Taxes are a fact of life in Canada, as they are in most other developed countries.

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cash flow

Cash (Flow)

Cash and Cash Flow is “Vision” fuel. After tax income from employment or self-employment, and/or from portfolio investments can be spent or saved.

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We live with risk every day. Risk cannot often be eliminated completely. It can sometimes be minimized and/or managed.

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