The Natural Wealth® Process focuses on three types of WEALTH:

  • Person
  • Portfolio
  • Possession

Person Wealth is made up of three components; Capacity (Health), Capabilities (Knowledge and Skills) and Connections (Relationships and Network). Our ability to create Portfolio Wealth and own Possession Wealth is directly dependent (outside of inheritance and lotteries!), at the very least early in our working lives, on our Personal Wealth.

Portfolio Wealth is made up of our financial assets; our cash and investments, including where appropriate, rental real estate and business assets.

Possession Wealth is as the name suggests, our non-portfolio-related property such as house and cottage/camp, vacation real estate, vehicles and other personal possessions.

The Natural Wealth® Statement is the primary "report card" in the Natural Wealth® Process. Unlike the traditional net worth statement used in most financial planning circles, the Natural Wealth® Statement factors in “Person Wealth” (Capacity, Capabilities and Connections) into the wealth balance sheet exercise and helps clarify and quantify the value of Person Wealth during one's lifetime and even inter-generationally.



The heart of the Natural Wealth® Process is Vision. A clearly articulated Vision and clearly stated life goals are essential to an effective financial life plan.

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tax and estate phase

Tax and Estate

Taxes are a fact of life in Canada, as they are in most other developed countries.

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cash flow

Cash (Flow)

Cash and Cash Flow is “Vision” fuel. After tax income from employment or self-employment, and/or from portfolio investments can be spent or saved.

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We live with risk every day. Risk cannot often be eliminated completely. It can sometimes be minimized and/or managed.

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