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Tax & Estate Planning

Tax and Estate Planning

How much tax do you pay? Are there ways to reduce your income tax payable? What do you want your life legacy to be? What will happen to your assets when you die? How will your affairs be handled if you are incapacitated? Are you considering charitable gifting or a charitable foundation?

Tax planning is an essential element of financial life planning and wealth management. It is every individual’s and company’s right to manage their affairs to minimize the tax they pay on income earned. Deferring income and/or changing the structure of income can reduce overall tax payable for individuals, families and companies. Structuring assets using registered plans, trusts and incorporation of business operations can also help reduce overall tax payable during life and on the death of individuals.

We maintain a constant focus on minimizing the tax implications of earning and spending income. We work with our clients’ tax advisors to ensure we are structuring portfolio wealth assets in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Furthermore, we guide our clients in their estate planning activities to ensure financial security for loved ones and, in certain situations, long-term care for family members with special needs. Estate planning also ensures a client’s legacy is directed properly to inheritors and other beneficiaries, such as charities or foundations.

We provide a range of tax and estate planning services to our clients including:

  • Income tax return review
  • Tax minimization planning
  • Trust planning
  • Will planning
  • Power of attorney planning
  • Charitable gift planning
  • Charitable foundation planning