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Are We a Fit?

Are We a Fit?

We realize the importance of “fit” in business and life. Our experience shows that our most successful client relationships are with households that tend to be “conscious delegators” when it comes to their financial life planning and wealth management needs. While they may have the capacity to research and manage their own financial affairs, they choose to have us guide them on financial life planning matters and manage their financial assets for them. They choose to direct their time and energy on their careers and other life interests.

Wealth management and financial life planning activities demand the highest level of trust and commitment to the goal of creating the best possible outcomes for clients. We believe the cornerstone of trust and commitment is communication. Communications need to be open and honest with complete disclosure of all relevant facts on an ongoing basis, by both client and advisor. Everyone has limited amount of time available to live life and work effectively. We believe strongly in work-life balance and try to create a workplace that exemplifies our belief. To this end, we must limit the number of new client relationships we take on in any given year to ensure we have the capacity to maintain the highest levels of service and advice for all client households, while allowing our associates and staff the time to maintain a good work-life balance.

For us to be able to commit to any new client relationship and provide the level of service and advice we believe is our hallmark, our preference is to work with individuals and families with the following characteristics:


  1. Households with a minimum of $250,000 of investable assets (exceptions to this requirement are made for children of existing clients).
  2. Households who value a personal advice relationship where stakeholders are all committed to each other and to a process-based approach to building and preserving wealth and financial security.
  3. Households who are open and responsive to requests for information and documents required to provide effective financial life planning and wealth management advice and solutions.


At 360 Private Wealth Management, we are absolutely committed to respect for each other and for our clients. It is the cornerstone of all office interactions. We communicate with consideration, respect and candor with all stakeholders; clients, advisors, associates, staff, solution partners and suppliers. We expect the same level of consideration, respect and candor from our clients.